Our mission is simple, we bring magic to the table to create unforgettable weddings and events.

Our process is designed to excite and inspire you, yet keep it streamlined and simple enough that you can have the confidence in knowing you’re in good hands. We set up a consultation to hear all about your vision for your wedding day or special project. We want to hear your hopes, dreams and wish list for the day.

We begin with a blank canvas, and start to paint the picture. We create a design plan in a mood board format, we draw up sketches, we gather up a color palette, bridging all of the pieces together to create your vision and bring it to life.

We understand how time consuming and stressful planning a wedding or event can be, so we love to keep things as simple as possible for you. We are visual people, so we believe in the power of visually communicating and strive to provide you with as many visual cues as we can provide to help you understand what the finished product will look like.


Our aesthetic has been developed and nurtured over the course 10 plus years in Philadelphia, New York City, Paris and Los Angeles. Kate, owner and lead designer, has learned from top designers around the globe, in both fashion, art and floral design. Our design style is discerning, artistic and unique. We have an edge to us that keeps us current, yet still classic and timeless.


We love the details. A collective of beautiful details put together cohesively is what makes your wedding or event stand out. From the color palette, to the types of candles, to the last place setting set, we help you craft an event that’s unforgettable and uniquely yours.


We believe that your overall vision for florals and décor should work with your venue, certainly not against it. It is a wasted investment to force an aesthetic that does not pair with your venue. We will be sure to scout the location or study photos of the space to ensure that the vision we create together works effortlessly with the existing look and feel of the location. We can also help you select your location with our event design package if you are striving to achieve a certain look.