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Elopement | Jessica & Adam

Elopement, New York, Weddings

Jessica & Adam decided to elope to the Catskills in New York to have a simple and sweet elopement to themselves, to quietly celebrate their vows and it could not have been more sweet and chic. Thanks to Haley Richter Photography for sharing the gorgeous images she captured from their amazing elopement.

When Jessica asked about her bouquet, she wanted something with color aplenty and lots of sweet little white daisies. So, we provided a palette of whites paired with plum, magenta, orange and yellow. We used one of my favorite roses, the Yves Piaget garden rose paired with poppies, ranunculus and anemones among many other more with trailing jasmine, one of my favorites. It was so bright and cheery, just like Jessica’s personality and sweet disposition. This was a special bride to me, because Jessica worked for me. I was so sad to find out that she had to move, but so happy for her and Adam, as they start the next chapter of their lives in a new city, closer to their families and Jessica found a dream job in the fashion industry that she just couldn’t refuse! I couldn’t be happier for them and wishing them all the best.

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Devon & Pinkett | Launch Party

Party, Pennsylvania

View More: & Pinkett came to fruition after a year and a half of labor and love. I had a vision and I needed the right team to make it all happen. I took my time with it, I practiced a lot of patience to find every perfect key element I wanted to have and I believe it all paid off beautifully.

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It all started with a Pinterest board that I had sent to Sharon from Ink & Mortar. My must have list included a color palette consisting of an array of pinks, mustard, black and white with vibrant images and a nod to my past in fashion. I was tired living in a sea of pastel and I wanted to have a brand that truly reflected who I am. I have always been a sucker for bright colors, high fashion, dynamic compositions, sequins and glitter and anything that lends a sense of drama without being too over the top. In the Pinterest board I sent to Sharon, I had a lot of inspiration from designers like Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, a slew of sequined gowns in dramatic photography, a gorgeous shot of the interior design from the home of Betsey Johnson, photos of flowers floating in milk baths, dark chocolate cakes dusted in gold dusting powder and insanely gorgeous photographs from one of my favorites, Nick Knight and a ton of chunky bold lettering from high fashion editorial magazines like Vogue to branding for various apparel designers. View More: More: View More:

I think I surprised Sharon, I distinctly remember her saying “Wow, this is so much edgier than I was expecting from you!” after she reviewed the page. It just went to show that my previous brand wasn’t reflecting who I was as a person and as an artist. This process was so important to me that I capture my spirit into my brand, because, isn’t that what it’s about? Being uniquely you? That’s what I hope for my clients at their events, so it was only appropriate that the brand do just the same. Sharon helped me to steer into the right direction and found inspiration for sites that perfectly aligned with what I was looking for. Working with Sharon was truly a pleasure. She was definitely a perfect match for the direction I wanted to take my brand and my website. I highly recommend working with Sharon if you’re going for something that will speak to who YOU are. She believes in that as much as I do, and I believe it’s so important to have a designer that is not only incredibly talented, but one that will steer you into the direction that speaks to who you are, in a way that’s elevated and professional, yet still highly creative. Sharon is wonderful and I cannot sing her praises enough.

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After doing an editorial shoot for Lovely Bride with Marisa and John from Redfield Photo, I knew instantaneously that they were the people just right for the job. They’re fun, laid back and incredibly talented. They capture flowers so insanely beautifully and with the vision in mind for the site, I knew they’d capture it in a way that would read bold, high fashion, but not so high fashion that it would become hard to connect with for prospective brides. While one of my goals is to reconnect to the fashion industry, I still wanted the site to connect to prospective brides and grooms since the majority of what I do is weddings.

Having said that, I help clients design their weddings with florals and decor, so it was obvious that a fabulous cocktail party was in order to kick off Devon & Pinkett to reflect my own style and to celebrate with the people that have been supporting me and believing in me along my journey in business. After looking at a few venues, I finally found the perfect blank canvas with high ceilings and just the right amount of space to create an intimate, fresh and open setting, settling in at Savery Gallery in downtown Philadelphia.

View More: More: I started planning the party, I had immediately envisioned having a massive triptych of canvas panels with my new landing page, complete with the new logo, emblazoned across the front to welcome people into the party. I wanted it to be very obvious why you were at the party. After I found the blank white space I had hoped for, I started crafting the look, taking inspiration from my very own site, utilizing a palette of black and white, set off with mustard and pinks. I rented the Fairmount cocktail high top tables from Maggpie Vintage and set a lounge with the insanely gorgeous black velvet Hazel loveseat paired with a marble topped round coffee table, complete with two white Marty chairs with a rug with grey and plum accents underneath it all. We completed it all with flower arrangements in the palette of course, complete with our gold candlesticks filled with black tapers and gold hurricanes.

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13th Street Cocktails furnished a bar with three different cocktails, the Gin Pinkett being my favorite. They crafted the perfect gin cocktail (gin is my favorite!) with sparkling Rosado Cava, fresh squeezed lemons, raspberries and gin. We had branded matchbooks that flew out of the container and into everyone’s pockets immediately and cocktail napkins, created by For Your Party. They were perfect! Groovy Deliciousness made some yummy cookies and we furnished a table with an amazing array of charcuterie, vegetables and fruits.View More: More: need to give a major shout out to Kelly Giarrocco Photography for capturing the party so beautifully and preserving the stellar night in the gorgeous images you see here in this blog. I am so thankful to everyone that came to help me celebrate and so thankful to everyone that sent messages of love and appreciation for the new site. The project was truly an extension of my heart and soul, so to get such incredible feedback meant the world to me, especially after feeling the nerves and vulnerability of putting yourself out there in a big way. It does pay off when you do, believe me!                   View More:   View More: More: More:

Wedding | Corinne & Frankie | The Pumphouse Bed & Breakfast

Pennsylvania, Weddings

cf_135Corinne and Frank tied the knot at the Pumphouse Bed and Breakfast in the height of fall in Bloomsburg, PA. Corinne reached out to me and when she started describing her vision for a whimsical, yet natural and organic style for her flowers, I knew we’d make a great fit.

cf_41 We developed a color palette for Corinne consisting of coppers, rust, beige, ivory, white and lots of greenery. We used one of our favorites as a key focal bloom in the palette, the lovely cafe au lait dahlias from a local flower farm. We had tons of greenery in a range of colors and textures like privet berries and seeded eucalyptus.

cf_107 cf_127

Corinne and Frank dressed to perfection with their fall ensemble. Frank wore a beautiful brown velvet suit jacket with a black tie and a perfectly sweet and petite boutonniere. Corinne wore an insanely beautiful off white lace dress with a fur stole. Paired with her bouquet of cafe au lait dahlias and copper amaranthus, it was breathtaking.

cf_137 cf_155 cf_140 cf_309 cf_311 cf_156

The couple had a band, complete with a tuba player, performing music as they did their wedding procession. They got married in front of a natural arch in front of the creek behind the venue. We adorned it with flowers and Forget Me Not Rentals set out a gorgeous set up of throw rugs and mismatched chairs. It was all like a fabulous scene out of a Wes Anderson movie.cf_353 cf_354 cf_358 cf_421 cf_500 cf_501 cf_505

For their reception, they had beautiful barn wood tables, also from Forget Me Not Rentals, with their place settings, flatware and candles set out. We put the finishing touches with swags of greenery garlands topped off with a mix of flowers and berries. They had Patchwork Planning there to aid in all the coordination and details of the day. It was so lovely to work with both!cf_552 cf_555 cf_581The dessert spread by Cake Life Bake Shop was incredible and my only wish was that I could have stayed to sample it all! We topped off the cakes and dessert table with garlands and flowers. Corinne and Frank had the sweetest message behind their parakeet cake topper. Corinne was traveling in Europe and came across a fortune teller, who had two little parakeets in her stand. She did a reading for Corinne and told her that she’d meet the man of her dreams and his name would be Frank. Lo and behold, a year later, she met the man of her dreams. I love when people put details into their wedding with such beautiful stories behind them.

cf_597 cf_598 cf_596 cf_612

Congratulations to Corinne and Frank for such a beautiful wedding. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and love!

The INCREDIBLE photography was all shot by Michele Suits Photography.